What is last date to fill GSoC 2022 Application form?

Hi, I just checked on App inventor Wiki on Github the GSoC 2022 application form is out. I want to know how long the application forms are open? @Susan_Lane @ewpatton

Hello Dwayne,

This may help you

Timeline GSoC 2022

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Thanks but I am aware of that timeline. However, MIT App Inventor Admins have their own application forms. I want to know their deadline

But it's there only,

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As it says on the form, we accept applications in exactly the same timeframe as Google.

"We will be receiving applications within the timeframe allocated by GSoC. Please consult the GSoC website for details.

I have created the 2022 application form as part of our organization application to GSoC. Organization applications only opened this week. It will be a while before we receive word on whether we have been accepted.

I'll see if I can make it invisible until we can open for applicants.

Please someone explain me what is GSoC
As I am totally confused on it and I was trying to search about it but didn't get the result

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Thank you @Peter sir

@Susan_Lane can you tell me about evaluation criteria of proposal. what things to include so that our acceptance chances are increased in app inventor ? Thanks

@dwayneosmit I think there are no criteria for GSoC application. you just need a potential project idea, a good explanation of the project idea, your experience in tech stacks.

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@dwayneosmit here are my documents of GSoC-2021 with App Inventor...

Accepted Project Proposal:

Project Summary:

Community Post:

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Thank you @preetvadaliya for sharing your accepted proposal. This year you will be a mentor for students?

@dwayneosmit no I don't want to be a mentor, I like to help others.

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great. won't you participate in gsoc?

I want to participate this year but i am finding potential project idea.

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