What Is going wrong please help!


Not sure if you can use that .

Basically I have a simple idea im playing around with and the user clicks add exercise which shows them a list of exercises. Select one and it is displayed in label 8 or textbox 5 shown in screen shots or on the app. This isdone in the back or chest diary. It worked and i changed the layout and now it doesnt work. cant figure it out help please!!

We cannot look at the link you provide us. Fortunately it is private, otherwise anybody could mess up your projects.
Try this:

Then, upload the project you just exported.
I am really curious though why you have a list as tag for your TinyDB1 and a value as the value.
Also, you are doing nothing with the thing you just picked from the ListPicker.

Also, did you export an .aia when you had a version of the app that still worked? If yes, upload that too, if not, DO that in the future!
Cheers, Ghica.