What is `For Component` in TinyDB?

Self-explanatory title. When using TinyDB in apps with a single screen, this option does not show up. Now, I'm using multiple screens and TinyDB does not seem to work. I've left For Components empty and I believe that's what causing the issues. I'm taking inputs from multiple textboxes and storing them when clicking a button.

Sounds like you are using the any component blocks for tinydb, instead of the tinydb blocks. Use the tinydb blocks

Hi, thank you so much. Seems to be working now. Sorry if this is out of the scope of the question, but whenever I'm using GetValue, I get the error The arguments , ["name"] are the wrong number of arguments for GetValue. Any clue how I'd fix that?

Name is one of the tags and I stored it using StoreValue. It is a string.

Please start a new thread with the new question and add a screenshot of your relevant blocks