What is an alternative for ImagePicker?

My problem : I don't want to use ImagePicker Component because it saves the picked image in a Shared directory and I don't want such thing to happen.

So I want to use an alternative for ImagePicker.

Probably an Intent Action would do it. Could anyone tell me the values for the Intent Action ?

The "Intent" action, as you might know already, is the ActivityStarter component. However, what is returns is not the path, it is encoded in a result URI.


I'm trying the FileTools extension to GetPathFromContentUri.

Let me see if it works.

See also here:


What I did to get the solution of my problem :

ActivityStarter.Activity = android.intent.action.PICK
ActivityStarter.DataType = image/*

Thanks to stackoverflow.com for helping me with this.

I used the FileTools.PathFromURI(ActivityStarter.ResultURI) to get the image path from the ActivityStarter.ResultURI.

And thanks @Gordon_Lu for posting that :blush:, but I saw that before you posted, I was testing the FileTools.PathFromURI when you replied.

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