What happens with Layouts?

Hi Andro-GODS, I'm new.

I have problems placing layouts because I don't get the position what I want based in some background image (as guide). At least I got the most close position...

But then, when I export the project as .apk the layouts move so crazy, placing it with positions so diferents and changing its dimensions. How I can solve that, gods?

Try something like this:

layouts.aia (1.4 KB)

The difficult one is:


You might need to use an extension that can overlay an arrangement.

use the width percent and height percent

You mean about not leaving empty spaces between the main layouts? ... What are the AI2 canvas's dimensions?

Use Screen.Width and Screen.Height to get the dimensions.

If you want spaces, then use labels, like I did for the buttons at the bottom

Or maybe better images to not get warnings in the Play Developer comsole about the "Accessibility".

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