What happened with my cloudDB-es?

My apps that use cloud database no longer interact with or create databases.
I have my own server in the digital ocean. Earlier they did work, but now I discovered that they no longer works. Is it a matter of switching to bundles?

Is your cloudDB up and running?
Can you login to the server in Digital Ocean and create a key pair ?
Is your https / SSL Certificate up to date and working ?
Try a test app, what error messages do you get back ?

There is a permissions bug in the latest release this could be causing the problem ?

I had a free CloudDB instance on Redis, but it got deleted after a few months of disuse/neglect.

Could something similar have happened to you?

I resolved the problem by setting Screen1.properties.DefaultFileScope = Legacy

I have a paid virtual machine rented in the digital ocean where I made the server myself.
I also tested from this appinventor through a companion and everything is exactly the same ...
... the app works but does not create or write or read the database and does not give any error message.

I also tried it, nothing changed.

Could you please answer my questions? This will help to diagnose your problem.

I have tested my own cloudDB server app (installed on Android 11 device) and this works OK once FileScope:Legacy is selected in Screen properties to remove the Error:908.

I have android 9 and I have these apps allowed ...