What file formats are supported

What are the supported music/sound files types(ex. .wav, mp3 or similar) that work with both App inventor and Apple.

Do you mean, Android and iOS?


So far I have always used the IMA4 audio format in my iOS apps (created with Xcode & Swift) for audio files to be looped, as it is the only compressed format that can be looped without gaps (seamlessly). For other audio files I use a M4A extension (MPEG-4) which is encoded with the lossy Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codec.

afconvert -f 'm4af' -d aac -s 3 -c 1 input.wav output.m4a
(These audio files in my case only have / require a mono track.)

But using AI2 for iOS with Companion now it seems that also MP3 is loop-able. However, I must check this later with the build app (IPA), if this really works on real devices. I have doubts as I had tried this extensively with all audio formats in Xcode & Swift and checked this on many iOS devices.

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No I mean the web site that I upload Audio files and Apple that will play those files. Apple is very weird and can only play certain audio files. App inventor, According to a few tests, can only let me upload certain audio files. So I'm wanting to know what file format works best.

So in short. The file formats you mentioned should work if I do the right conversions. Also I don't have access to Xcode and Swift.

This seems to work (looping) also with Companion for iOS (but I don't think it will work with the IPA):


For Android it doesn't work with Companion and of course also not with the APK.

i have tested this myself with an mp3 file. it does seem to work.

Yes, but as I said, I doubt that looping will work with the IPA as well.

ill cross that bridge when i get there. and as i said i have no way to download the app from app inventor onto IOS. nor do i have access to xcode and swift. i'm just making do what what i do have. so when i can ill figure out if looping works with IPA or not

You have to wait until the build server for iOS is ready.

okay, thanks for your help