What does "You can use this badge as a title" means?

Hi :wave:.
I just got The Regular Badge 4 days ago and I'm happy about it.
but I don't know what's the meaning of You can use this badge as a title
can someone help me?

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That means you (sort of) can replace the 'Regular' text to whatever you want. That's what I think!

Only for the 'Regular badge :unamused:

In addition, the wording "Regular" allows you to make it clear that you are a very active person in the community .. so it is an advantage.


Thanks for writing it in english this time!
by the way its and advantage you're right

I think I got it now!
If I click and click Regular, everyone will know that I'm a 'Regular' user when a user clicks on my profile photo or sees one of my posts


MIT App Inventor Community - Regular - MIT App Inventor Community 1_1_2022 1_01_04 PM

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oh ok i guess

It means that every user can see that you are a regular user in your every post.

Like @Nicola_Imperati is a regular user and used it as his title, so we know, from this post, he is a regular user.

See the grey Regular text.


oh yes thanks @Gordon_Lu
from before to after

I made this post wiki so that if someone saw a problem, he/she can fix it