What does this code mean?

Hi! Probably stupid question but very new to this haha So at the moment i’m making a button that when you click takes you to a youtube video and i made the blocks by copying a guy who made a video on how to do it. I noticed a code I copied says android in it (android.intent.action.VIEW) if i want my app to be iOS, do i need to put in a different code? I hope i’m explaining myself properly.

The code is used to call an Android intent , An intent lets you start an activity in another app by describing an action you'd like to perform, such as "view a map"

I understand ios only can use certain intents. You are trying to view YouTube. If your device has an ios app on it that can view YouTube it MIGHT work to do that.

Alternatively to using an ActivityStarter you might use a WebViewer and link to youtube url.

Works fine on iOS:

Okay, got it, thanks!

Awesome, thank you :slight_smile: