What does the abbreviation "nb" stand for?

What is the meaning of "nb", the letter that comes before the version? :thinking:

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now better?

new beta?

nothing broken?


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In China we use nb for abbr. of NiuBi, which means super awesome

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Next (new) build(-server) ? :woman_shrugging:

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:wink: :smiley:


new blocks
All App Inventor 2 releases start with nb... formerly we had App Inventor Classic...



noto bene

Nota bene is a Latin phrase meaning "note well"

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Taifun is correct. The first version of App Inventor used a Java-based program to provide the blocks editor. App Inventor 2 switched to using Google Blockly to allow for editing blocks in the web environment to eliminate the need for a separate Java program for coding. All AI2 releases are branded with the nb moniker as it originally differentiated them from the AI1 releases and now it's just for historical reasons as AI1 is no longer running.


This makes me love the app Inventor more. Thank you all for your answers. :wink:

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