What does it mean

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It means your topic is closed, that's all...

that no one can see and learn from that.......
am i right?

everyone can see, but no one can reply.
after checking the topic it was merged with another topic by you, and closed to increase space for creating other topics...
and you already have existing topic so why not use that..

It has been added to your topic of the same subject. There is no need to post a solution in a separate topic.

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that anyone can see but can't reply'
and one more thing i want to know that is '
that topic is available forever here or it will be deleted automatically?

available forever unless mod or admin deletes it...

not correct


when i was mod in other community, we didnt have auto delete...not sure.
maybe now it's this...
(or maybe because it is unlisted and closed both now)

btw this topic should be put to some other category like community, etc..

that means if i create any topic for help and after sometime i found any solution then now i want tell that success to everyone so i don't have to create new topic right instead of that i need to upload it in the same topic as a reply right?


  1. Helps avoid spam
  2. No unnecessary topics filling up database
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thanks buddy to figured out my doubt

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welcome :slight_smile: