What does Clock's TimerAlwaysFires Property do exactly?

I read the documentation:

Will fire even when application is not showing on the screen if true

Which sounds like the timer run when app is in the background / device asleep.

However, I also read here that contradicts this intuition
where TIMAI2 says

but don’t take this to mean that the timer will fire when the app is in the background / device asleep.

Then what does it do? In what case can application does not show but it doesn't mean app is running in the background or device is asleep?

The best thing to do is to test it.

Set a clock running in an app (not with screen.initialise), displaying the time each second and the time the clock started.

Then press the Home button so that the app is not on screen.

Go back to the app about half an hour later, see when the clock stopped.

If it is still running, then repeat and leave a longer interval before checking.

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