What Can I Make?

Hello There!
This is nothing serious, just wanted to know what can possibly make using App Inventor, we have completed our school curriculum and we I was already running ahead of the class, so is there some creative person here who could suggest something to me?

Hi Mayank

So difficult for anyone to give you advice! You should already know that, barring Apps that need Android Background Services, App Inventor can be used to create any type of App*. Have you worked with App Inventor + a microcontroller such as an Arduino? A lot of fun to be had there, though if not careful it can get expensive!

There are from time to time competitions for App design and App + microcontroller design, so maybe you can find one in your region or country.

*Edit - can be a bit slow for Canvas based games, but many good games have been created.

Ok, I already have an Arduino but I don't have any Bluetooth module and I have already spend most of my birthday money on a book. So, I am not sure if I would get that.

Yeah, add-ons are a lot of money wherever you are: UK eBay, an HC-05 Bluetooth Module costs around £4 inc post (within the UK).

You might be able to earn some pocket money by creating an App for someone, there are websites that bring clients and developers together - some of the Apps required are very simple. Google Search is your friend.

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I guess you don't know it, I am just 11(almost), I am not allowed to do such things. All I am left with is 240 Rupees. I looked for a few Bluetooth Modules on Amazon but I didn't find any costing no less than 350 Rupees. Do you know any place where I could get one?

You probably can do such things - like me, your contacts only know you on the internet, you could be 11 or 111. I could understand your parents objecting though.

You can buy a range of bluetooth modules for very little, but the issue is always the postage cost - you need to find a supplier in your region to keep that cost down.

On my website I have a chart showing the Bluetooth versions and OME name (Original Manufacturer).


Here's an idea I have not seen done yet ...

Multi-player tag on a Canvas with Balls for players, based on a shared FireBase bucket containing tags for individual player (x,y) Ball locations. Have each player nudge his Ball using 4 directional buttons, one nudge at a time.

Tag, You're IT!


Nice idea @ABG, I will implement it!