What can i do please?

bonjour j'ai un problème lors du transfert du commande avec le relais c'est toujours écrire erreur est ce que le problème du code ou bien de thingspeak

voila le code arduino
CodeIot_ArduFarmBot_Light_EXT_v1_1.ino (11.5 KB)

Having looked at your App and the Arduino Sketch, I cannot see anything matching this description. The Arduino Sketch is very complex, with an unusual number of delays. However, there is a lot of Serial reporting to the Arduino Serial Monitor so you should be able to see the root of the problem.

What, exactly, is the error message?

Also, can you explain your process Lazrag - you have not shown all your Blocks.

I see it as: Arduino --> ThingSpeak --> App? The data appears to be sent very frequently. Normally we see this type of App using large intervals of time.

If you are going to distribute your App, be aware that ThingSpeak is expensive. If the App is presenting the data, ThingSpeak's ability to present data is not required.