What are the trade-offs between hosting images online vs. storing images on app?

Wondering what the trade-offs are between

  1. Hosting images online
  2. Storing images on app

Which is faster? Which is the better choice and why? Are there any complications that might arise?

I believe you know most of the answers to this already!

  • Speed / Time
  • Size / Resolution
  • Data / Internet Connectivity Requirements
  • Functionality (what can you do with the image)
  • Storage space

The key is whether the app must work offline…

Actually, really not sure… like don’t know if hosting online even truly saves storage space, for example, does the phone still download it anyways? Is the phone’s memory cleared after each use, or is that something we need to program?

This depends on how you do it. yes, whichever method you use the device will download the image, but unless you explicitly save the file to the sdcard, it will/should only be held in memory while the app is active. As far as i know, AI2 apps do not cache things in the same way as, say, you computer browser does.