What are the innovative app ideas?

Guys do you think any problems and the solution for those problems that you are expect to turn into apps do you have any problems anything i want an impression please help me

This type of question is regularly asked, for example:


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I want an app that will

  • read an AI2 .scm file,
  • extract the JSON part into a dictionary
  • scan the dictionary for broken Table Arrangements
  • fix them
  • export the new .scm file

The app would be needed only a few times a month at most by AI2 Power Users.

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I want an app that will calculate the speed in my car for any given gear, and engine revolutions, given I have the original speedometer for a 948 engine and gearbox, but now I have a 1275 engine and gearbox, and a 3.7 differential instead of a 4.22 ...The rev counter (tacho) tells the truth.

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If you'd really like to build that, we have a Python library called aiatools that can read App Inventor projects and execute queries over them, e.g.,

from aiatools import *
with AIAFile("project.aia") as proj:
    print("Do we have a table arrangement?", proj.components(type == TableArrangement).count() > 0)
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I'll take a look if you point me to the source.

My biggest hurdle is grabbing huge JSON from the AI2 test environment and getting it into a Windows paste into 7zip.

this could be the source @ABG


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Thanks for the link.
That package is more of a mining tool than a repair workbench.
AI2 has all I need to build a repair workbench.

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