What are all the CloudDB errors?

I'm making an app that heavily uses the CloudDB feature but I would like to know all the errors it can output to give the user a better experience.

You could have a look through the source code, this will reveal some of the errors which are in plain text, others might need to be "invoked" to reveal their string values...

Source - CloudDB.java

Are all of them grouped together or apart and also, Is their an easier way?

Did you look ?

Unless the MIT developer who wrote all the java has a list.....

I did look and I'm finding it hard to ream as I prefer visual or line coding. I can't really tell whats an error or not. However it it helpful I have the code. Thanks for the help!

Go to the code page fromn the link above
Type Error

You should get 55 returns
Click though to find the errors that report in the app


throw new YailRuntimeError("JSON Error putting value.", "value is not convertable");

CloudDBError("Cannot store values off-line.");

CloudDBError(e.getMessage()); (not so helpful...)

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