Wetterfrosch Sunny (Weatherman Sunny) - Children's Weather Learning App

"Wetterfrosch Sunny" is a German-language Android app for children aged three to eight. The app explains nature and weather phenomena to children in a child-friendly way, answers typical children's questions about "weather". Children have a painting area with a village as canvas background on which they can paint their own weather situations after watching mini-videos with weather footage. "Wetterfrosch Sunny" takes a trip around the world to his frog family, which is spread all over the world, and has his relatives tell him about the weather in their country. The frogs wear hats typical of their country and have country-specific first names. The app also offers the option for kids to create their own weather report (ListPicker with different weather conditions to choose from) with TextBox and then they can take a screenshot (thanks to Taifun) of their weather report. The app also includes a TV tip for kids with weatherman Fridolin and a 3D animated video from Hessischer Rundfunk (with hr allowness). There is also a weather quiz where children can test their knowledge. It's an ad-free premium app for EUR 4.99. What do you think? Thanks a lot! Here are the Screenshots of the app:

  1. Your images are very low resolution, not possible to view/read
  2. Why not provide an image or images of the blocks used to build the app, and describe how it was built
  3. Provide links to Play Store (other app store)
  4. This community is not really a place to put up apps for sale, which is why there is a Play Store
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Hello Martina

  1. If any image was not created by you, you need to check it's license status.
  2. You could easily add support for other languages.
  3. There is I think too much text for the age group.

Hello TIMAI2, Thank you for your feedback. This was my first "Showcase". In the next time, I will update this post with other images and other description. Thanks!

Hello Chris,
I have a Canva.com subscription and I am allowed to use these images, because I pay for them.

I think, the children are able to read texts, when they are elder 7-8 years and the younger one need that their parents will the texts read aloud for them. Also younger children love to hear stories. It is an app for children and parents.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for me to add support for more languages. I know, there is a translation tool, but I have seen that every sentence is needed to translate manually, so far I have seen and this is an app for Germany, because there is also a German Hesse TV tip of a weather forecast with a cute frog. This would not be suitable for the USA or other countries. If you can give me an advice how to translate with a short programming code a whole app, I will add language support for my other apps. But I am not willing to translate every of my 27 apps manually sentence by sentence. Thank you for your feedback!

Hi Martina,
Why is it weatherman Sunny instead of weatherfrog sunny?
Anyway, there are many ways to make an app work in more than one language.
A good start would be to have all text in cut into suitable pieces and put into some datastore. A tinyDB would be fine, but text files could work too, or CloudDB, or FireDB or... Of course you need to acces the text from that datastore also for German.
When that is done, you could write some script (I did something similar using a PHP script and the Google translate API), translate all and also put that into a similar datastore. Or, you could use the translation facilities of App Inventor to translate everything on the fly. The disadvantage of that is that you cannot correct strange translations, as there will certainly be, but you could easily add about any language that way.

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