Welcome Screen Problem When Clicked Homepage Button

Hi Guys,
Its my first topic in here and I am happy to find this mit app inventor platform. Many thanks to developers.
I created a welcome screen in starting, it shows my logo at the beginning. After 2 seconds, welcome screen makes invisible itself and my home page turns to visible. (both of them in screen1)
the problem is: assume I changed my screen to Screen2 and clicked a button to return to Screen1
I don't want my users to see welcome screen again but even though I tried to open Screen1 with start value of "false" or "0", it did not work.

blocks (1)

and this is my code block of homepage button in Screen2

Thanks in advance I hope I could explain briefly.

What you have there should already work, the welcome should only display if First_Time = True.

However, the fault lies in your button click in Screen2. Instead of returning to Screen1, you are making an additional instance of it, so you have two Screen1's!

Instead, on Button Click, use the 'Close Screen' block and the User will automatically be returned to the Screen that launched the current one.


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As above will work once the app is compiled, the companion always re-initialises Screen1.

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Thanks for answers, I got the logic but it still does not the job. Plus now when I am in Screen2 for example and click button to switch Screen3 then try to switch Screen1, it returns to screen2 because we arranged Button1.click > close screen.
here is my project can you take a look please?
InternetSpeedTestPlus.aia (126.8 KB)

Try this and see if it works for you,

InternetSpeedTestPlus_1.aia (127.3 KB)


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