Weird problem in listview filterbar

Hello Everyone,

Weird problem in listview filterbar

as you can see in screenshots the bar is almost hidden but i can write in it but it doesn't show up at all

anyone been through such weird problem and how to fix it please ?

Maybe you should set your theme to Classic Theme instead of DeviceDefault for an alternative UI that does work with the ListView Filter.

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Sometimes this is caused by having the ink and background colors the same.
In some environments, clicking and dragging the text cursor across the text will reveal the text temporarily, like a Spoiler Alert on a game board post.

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I will try it but i changed the background color to anything except black and it worked but without the textbox , or textbox is gone.

With the Taifun TextBox extension by @Taifun, you can set a TextBox to a filter bar. By default, the hint of the filter bar is "Search list..." in the user's language, but you can avoid it by setting your own TextBox.

Here is an AIA for demo. In this AIA, I have a black VerticalArrangement and a black ListView, so we blend the ListView into the VerticalArrangement. I also have a TextBox, acting like a filter bar. You can customize the TextBox to whatever you like.

The variable global elements is the list of elements I want to show, and global copy is a "dummy" list that I will use to reflect changes in the ListView. When the screen initializes, the TaifunTextbox will start the text changed listener, and I will also set the elements of the list to global elements. In case if you only set the elements in the Designer and not via blocks, use ListView.Elements as the value for global elements.

When the user has deleted all of the text, we reset the elements to the original elements. Else, we show the most relevant elements. This ignores case, so "Abc" will be the same as "abc".

AIA: FilterBar.aia (20.0 KB)

You can download TaifunTextbox here.

In case if you want to extend the TextBox even more, like setting the hint color, use TextboxUtil.


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