"Search list" translate

How to change the "search list" text to Portuguese?

Where is this? Components palette?

Hi Carlos,

The ListView component does not provide functionality to do so. However, you can create your custom search bar.

You can also use my ListViewPlus extension, which adds several methods to the original ListView. Among other things, it allows you to change the text in the search field.

I'm surprised this does not translate. I'll put it on my list to take a look, but I don't know how fast I can get to it.

If you don't mind, I can take a look at the ListView code and modify it a bit. Adapt to the Kodular nomenclature and add some convenient methods. I also noticed that searching the list is very inefficient when many items match the search term. I could revitalize the ListView a bit, but working on github is very difficult for me, I don't understand it completely, so I would prefer to send you the modified java files. I will leave the structure and data management unchanged, I will deal with the visual side and properties.What do you think?

Thank you, but I think it would be a lot of work for a simple problem. You can forget...

Hmm. There are several issues with the ListView that I haven't been able to give attention to. If you have the time, skills, and interest, that would be incredibly helpful.

What is your trouble with github? We might be able to make an arrangement if it's only a few files.

I added a new PR on github.

Thank you! I assigned it to myself and will start the review soon. This is a huge help.

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