WebViewer works in Companion but not in IPA

I have no problem getting the WebViewer to display any page in Companion. When I create the IPA file it doesn't give any error, it just doesn't load.

Why is this happening to me, any solutions?

Thanks in advance

Do you receive an error message or is the page just blank?

Just blank, no error message.

I have the same problem to generate the IPA file. Only a full white page (no messages). The aia is exported from AI2 v 2.69 and the same aia is imported to AI2-iOS v2.64.4-12

The problem is that the width of the WebViewer is initially 0, regardless of whether you have previously defined it in the designer or not. The width must therefore be specified later in the blocks, although this also initially generates an error message.

Test with the IPA on iPhone 6s:

Thank you very much for your help. It works perfectly and does not give error messages.