Webviewer won't load a specific URL

My App is used as a browser for my children’s Soccer Club website. I am using a “WEB VIEWER” to browse through the many tabs. Every tab works as intended. However, there is one tab in which the viewer won’t load the requested URL. It literally returns a blank page… no error codes. The URL that the viewer won’t display is the following: https://shop.bluesombrero.com/store/6538/home

Is there a reason why the WebViewer won’t load/display this page?

Here is a link to the website that my app makes reference to: dcsc.soccer
The tab that won’t load in my app is the “STORE” tab.
All other tabs load just fine in my app.

Hi Javier

I think that’s a case of “it can happen”. Although the Web View Component is much improved (by Google), it is not a full-blown browser and thus is not a 100% compatible with every website out there - though in my experience, it’s extremely good.

It’s not intended to be a general internet browser, everyone already has a browser on their device. It’s for viewing specific web pages that support your App (they don’t need to be online) . In most cases, those web pages would be your media and you would ensure their compatibility.

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Instead of the WebViewer for that page, use the Activity Starter.

From http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/reference/components/connectivity.html#ActivityStarter

Opening a browser to a specified web page. Assuming the page you want to go to is “www.facebook.com” (feel free to substitute your own choice), set the properties to:

  • Action : android.intent.action.VIEW
  • DataUri : http://www.facebook.com
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Thank you very much @ABG. Your solution worked like a charm. Now when I press the button, the web page opens up outside of my app, but at least it works.

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