WebViewer weird behavior?

Hi all,
I have faced a weird behavior of the WebViewer, that I would share with you guys, to have your opinion about.
While connecting a web site (the weather forecast of the Italian Aeronautical Force) by using the Webviewer function it gives me back the error "You don't have the rights to access the information required or it cannot be read by the server".
Tthe strange thing is that the problem can be overcome if i repeat the reload opereration as much as 5 times.
The Clock1 blocks that helped me to solve the problem are here below.

The structure is quite simple: by pushing a button I start the timer that fires 5 times (global variable "quale"): every time it fires, it reloads the URL. Every period is 1 second (total 5 seconds).
After 5 times I eventually enable the Webviewer display and it shows correctly the weather forecast.
The question is then: why it requires to be reloaded "many" times before being capable to show the URL data ?
Therefore, supposing that the Webviewer is somewhat an "asynchronous" component, is there any other "trick" to leave it the time to operate ?
It isn't a big deal, since it works, but for sake of understanding the truth (or at least the things behind the scenes :-)) what are your thoughts about ?
Many thanks for the time spent in reading me.
All the best.

I think it is the site that is behaving weirdly, all pages on that site present the same behaviour, not just the weather widget. I have not tried this with a compiled app or with the default browser (chrome/firefox)....

Hi Tim, thanks for your feedback.
My PC and also an old phone with an old version of the app (compiled few months ago), both work fine, without the need of the Clock1 "trick" to reload the web site. What they have in common is that they are both using my home router to navigate the web.
Hmmmm... :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
i wil ltry to connect the smartphone on which i have the problem through my home router as well.
I'll let you know (if you are interested).
Thanks again and enjoy your MG !!! :hugs:


Hi Tim,
no, also with the home router it fails. I will use the Clock1 trick :slight_smile:
Cheers, Ugo.