WebViewer vs CustomWebView


i try to load a html-file with CustomWebView but getting an error Connection_Refused. Loading the file with WebViewer works.

Is it true that i cant load local files with CustomWebView?
My Blocks:

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Use FileAccess = true property block after setting webview id and before go to url block

Same result.

Please add this to screen initialize

blocks (2)

Same result, sorry.

CustomWebView does not offer that url to load assets.
Use file:///android_asset/ instead.


I believe this will work if tested as apk not with companion


Same result. Does not work.

Hey, thanx. Yes it works in akp, but only this version:

Anyway, thanx for your help.

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If you want it to work also in the companion app, try the PathToAssets method from the tools extension App Inventor Extensions: Tools | Pura Vida Apps


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