webviewer.pageloaded is firing before some images are completed loaded.
Is there any way to know when the page it’s really completely loaded?

What the WebViewer can do is documented here> WebViewer

What have you tried? Can you provide a simple example of not completely ‘loading’/displaying?

Try monitoring the PageLoaded( url ) Event and check it’s status? When a page is finished loading this event is run.

if i load whatever webpage and put a BEEP on the event pageloaded, i have a beep before some images are loaded

Without an example no one can test what you are trying to do Carlo. I have no issues using the WebViewer to view web pages.

  • The issue may be you are using the emulator and the emulator has insufficient memory to resolve the images.
  • The issue may be these images you are attempting to load may be huge and cannot be handled by the WebViewer, which is not a full browser.

We have no idea what your Blocks look like or how you are using the WebViewer (view an image with a web link, view a web page, view an html in Media …)

you said ‘have a beep before some images are loaded’ ok… that is showing an issue but until you share some code and a url or whatever, no one can help :cry: and we would like to.

it’s not because i don’t want to provide the code :slight_smile: , it’s just because i have an empty block Webviewer.pageloaded containing just a Sound.Play.
So, after what you experienced, I think that, yes, the pageloaded fires when all the data arrive, but it takes some time to show the contents on the screen depending on various reasons.
I will just put a clock to wait 1 or 2 seconds before continuing what i need to do after the page has been loaded.

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