Webviewer not working well

Hello guys I am have some problems with Webviewer component it does not allow log in with Google. Instead it prompt a warning that app or browser not secure… anyone can help???:frowning::frowning::frowning:


Google does not allow logins via a WebView for security reasons, as seen in this stackoverflow answer.

Try attaching LukeGackle’s WebViewTools extension to your WebView. It should handle Google login popups properly, allowing you to sign in:

OK browse let me check

it same problem dear, i wish you could help, how about you make this extension to work in a way it can
1 log in with facebook pop up
2 google account pop up?

There is an example block diagram on the page I linked to. Make sure you have all those blocks in your code.

yes i tried but in the extension i cannot find open multiple windows

Which block do you mean?