WebViewer not displaying the URL

I have built an app to control a turntable for 3d scanning which all was working well but I have a page with WebViewer1 and GoToUrl that yesterday was working perfectly but today does not work on any versions of the app that I had already tested as working correctly, if I copy the URL into Chrome browser etc it opens without a problem, what could be the problem? I don't think it's my app because older versions don't work now that did work before and have not been changed in any way,

Thanks Johnathan

Because the WebViewer uses the app's native browser as a backing view, it might be that an update to the Chrome app on the phone is the issue. When you say "I copy the URL into Chrome browser" is that Chrome on the phone or Chrome on a laptop/desktop?

I have tested it on the laptop and on the phone and the page is displayed correctly on both
I have just typed it into the chrome app on the phone by hand to double check and it displays without a problem

Is this page hosted on the public internet somewhere, and is the server under your control? Typically we don't set a user agent or anything in the WebViewer, and if the remote host expects something like that and doesn't find it, it may have decided to stop responding to your requests.

its a paypal page for donations if that makes a difference? how would I get round the problem?

If you want to privately send me the URL, I can run some tests on our end and see if I can figure out the specific problem.

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thanks, I have sent it to you, hopefully you can find a solution

thanks Johnathan

You might try:

Example blocks to make the webviewer more compliant....

(there IS a space between the semi-colon, ; and the wv >>> ; wv)