Webviewer not display html in real app


Webviewer works fine in my est app, but not in my real app. Page is not displayed. When I go to main menu and don't set webviewer canvas unvisible, web page is displayed in webviewer (2. image).
Notifier is only for debuging. But web page is displayed im my test app with only Screen and webviewer. I think it's about synchronization. I also tried with Clock.timer Webviewr.reload.

Does this topic help you:

Path is incorrect.
Search in community to know about valid asset paths for Webviewer.

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Path is right. The same path is in other test app and it works.
Images are from real app. The first image is Info screen ( vertical arrangemants) not displaying html. The second image is main screen below (the main menu) and info screen above displaying html ( I didn't set info screen invisible when it returns to main menu). So it looks like it's about screen synchronization.

An html file in assets can be referenced using:


your method, as shown in blocks, will probably fail when compiled or in Android 10+

Solved! I fill up Webviewer URLHome properties with web URL. In block I check if WIFI is on, if not, I replace homeURL with local file.

Thank you all.

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