Webviewer. No me funciona el hiperenlace a un archivo para descargarlo

Tengo una web que abro, con webviewer, con hiperenlaces a archivos pdf que están en el servidor.
Pero al picar en ellos no hace nada. No quiero ver esos pdf en el webviewer, pero si que los descargara al movil para luego verlo con otras herramientas del movil a parte de la app

I have a website that I open, with webviewer, with hyperlinks to pdf files that are on the server.
But chopping on them does nothing. I don’t want to see those pdfs in the webviewer, but I did download them to my mobile phone and then see it with other mobile tools apart from the app

Hi @Francisco_Moreno,

Some things you could try are specifying a target="_blank" attribute on the <a> tags for the PDFs to see if that would prompt the underlying WebView to open them in the native browser app. A second option to try would be to make sure that the server sends a Content-Disposition: attachment (learn more) HTTP header, which should prompt the browser to download the PDF to the device. Lastly, you could implement some JavaScript that when an <a> link is clicked to set window.AppInventor.setWebViewString(url), which would trigger the when WebViewer1.WebViewStringChange event. You can then use the URL in combination with the ActivityStarter component to launch another activity for viewing the PDF.