WebViewer gotourl ERR

webviewer GoToUrl을 사용하고 있습니다.

몇 일 전까지만 해도 아래 두 주소 모두 잘 보이던 프로그램인데

특정 사이트 주소(2번)는
intent://share? target=admRul&targetSeq=~ 이런식으로 보입니다.

  1. 'h ttps://www.law.go.kr/admRulInfoP.do?admRulSeq=2100000233388'
    (제대로 보이는 주소)
  2. 'h ttps://www.law.go.kr/admRulLsInfoP.do?admRulSeq=2100000216118'
    (오류나는 주소)

잘 보이던 주소가 "웹페이지를 사용할 수 없음"으로 나오는 이유가 뭘까요 - -;;

전문가 분들의 조언 부탁드립니다.

The Webviewer can only "go to" http or https addresses (or in some cases datauris)

https:// 로 사용했는데도 안됩니다.

Is this an url? can you open the page in your web browser?

Yes I can open the page in my web browser~

Sorry I am lost in the translation.

Yes I can open the page in my web browser~

Sorry I can not. And it do not look like a url, for me.

Please connect "h" and "t" from "h ttps" in front of the address

Why you can not just give a url, which I can click on it then it take me the website?



I found the cause of the error.
When i access the site via mobile, The site is asked to access Google Play and install the application.
So there was an error in the web viewer

Now we need to find a way to not prompt you to install the application when you access the site.

When accessing the site with the mit app inventor web viewer, it is redirected to Google Play.

Is there a way to prevent it from being redirected to Google Play?


ex) https://www.law.go.kr/admRulLsInfoP.do?chrClsCd=010202&admRulSeq=2100000216118

I found a way to prevent redirecting.

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