Webviewer full screen

Respected Sir,

I have following block

I am trying to watch tv with full screen but the screen is like this

How to force webviewer for full screen.


You would need to change the visibility of any other on screen components, and then remove the statusbar as well. You need to ensure you have a "way back" - you could use the Back" key for this.

Sir I have these blocks in SCREEN1
blocks (62)

SCREEN2 has these blocks
blocks (63)

But when I click button from screen1 then screen2 appears but this message appears

What I am doing wrong?

Here is aia

My_Tv.aia (23.7 KB)


Your url is returning "Not found"

But sir same url works fine in screen1 as I displayed in my first post.


Doesn't work in my computer browser....returns "Not found" as in your image

Doesn't work for me in a clean project on Screen1 either

Sir I have made some changes, the link is working now but still SCREEN IS NOT FULL.

here is aia

My_Tv (1).aia (24.4 KB)


Because you have not removed the screen title or the status bar.


It maybe that the underlying html of the web page sets black borders around the video, so you will not achieve "full screen" whatever you do. (there may be a full screen url for the video feed?)

@Tariq_Mehmood make use of this free extension

WebView FullScreen Extension

Download - http://deephost.in/aix=84

CustomWebView do have similar feature, in case you were not aware.

@vknow360 I tried but getting erros. It always return back to portrait.



See the solution: