Webviewer extension for Video, audio, images, gif, pdf upload

If possible, could you send me a private email.

Post the aia (or send it via PM).

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PTCMINT.aia (2.2 MB)
This is the aia of the project....

I mean setup a demo account on your social media app, then we can login and test. You can delete it later once we are done here.

Ohh fine:

Website: ptcmint.com
Demo account:
Username: Demoaccount
Password: 123456789.

With just this one change to your blocks, uploading/downloading appears to be working fine


so add the WebViewExtra1.SetWebviewer block, and test...

Had another look at the wowonder site. It is not exactly cheap, is it? £120 for the basic plan...

Regardless, not sure why you need to provide an AI2 app just to connect to your site? Surely users could just go there directly with their mobile browser, or perhaps wowonder offers an option to simplify that process?

Yeah, They have other alternative bit it means more money. They have their own mobile native app as well, unfortunately, it is costly.

yes, from the browser, uploading works fine but can't work from the AI2 WEBVIEW app.
I needed an extension to help correct it. thanks

You have the extension, you just need to set the blocks as I have told you (twice). If that is too difficult for you, here is your revised app

PTCMINT_revised.aia (2.2 MB)

You could also resize that large image in your assets to reduce the size of your project, it really does not need to be that big, try at 400x500 pixels...

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Thanks alot, It works perfectly now.

Having tried it, almost all other features are working perfectly except uploading Gif, recording voice and updating location.
Could there be any extension to help me with those ones?
Also, Is there any extension that creates back button in webview? I noticed that my app just closes at once.

  1. No reason why a gif shouldn't work, it is just a different type of image file.
  2. You could record voice as sound file then upload it as a file ?
  3. Don't know how you are updating location?

Items 2&3 are probably outside the scope of this extension

  1. Look at the webviewer blocks for handling going back and forward. You might also want to disable the actual Back button by dragging out the back button pressed blocks from Screen.

You could also look at CustomWebView, which has a wider range of features

Thanks alot, I also noticed that the revised version no longer hides the url if internet is not available like the previous one.
what could be the solution?
Could you help me update it please?

I did nothing to that part

Could you check it?

They are your blocks, not the ones I suggested.

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I guess you are talking about this...