Webviewer contents does not show up until button or a textbox is clicked

Im trying to display a table from Google Sheets using gviz and converting it into HTML. When I press the button that calls the table. It won't appear and it will remain blank until I press the button or a random textbox. These are the block responsible for the table. I repeated the visible= true/false part because if I don't , it wont display the table if I press the show work button again,then it will only work if I press into a textbox. But if I repeat the part, it will display the table if I just press the show work button

It may have something to do with your anybutton clicked event

Exclude your show_work button with an if statement

how do i do that?


and as previously suggested, make sure you uriEncode your query

If notAlreadyHandled then do the multiple button thing

This is more general.

i've tried it already but it still doesnt work properly or did i do something wrong with the button click component

You need to show us more of your blocks, or send the aia here.

Is this all your blocks?

  1. next time please clean up blocks first before download the image.

  2. do we need a space here?

  3. why you have a web.gottext, but i can not find the web.get? the web.get inside the web.gottext is infinate loop.

there is no space for no2

and I actually don't really know what is the use of web1. it actually functions without the web 1

yeah it's all my blocks

I never used google docs, but i think there should be a space here.

i tried. It doesnt work if you add space

so i removed the web1 cuz it's a bit redundant.
competition3pleasegod (6).aia (645.3 KB)
see if there's anything I did wrong

Try this

competition3pleasegod_1_revised.aia (645.2 KB)

I hid the horizontal arrangement that was displaying a label (testlabel)

then it all started to work.

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oh strange, i hid the horizontal arrangement and i still doesn't work as intended but if I import the revised version into mine it works as intended now. Thanks anyways

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