WebViewer component not working in emulator. Kaspersky antivirus

Hello everyone,
I’m using WebViewer. In the MIT Companion on Android phone, the website is displayed correctly. But when I use the emulator, it displays the message “Web page not available”.
I have changed the URL to other popular websites and any is displayed.
The only recent change in my computer was to install Kaspersky antivirus free.
Can it be the reason?
How could I fix it, without uninstalling the antivirus?

To be clear, are other websites displayed ?

If they are, then the problem is with the website in question, possibly to complex (html/javascript) for the emulator.

Test through companion and with compiled apk

This is the URL I want to display:

When I use the companion, the content works fine. But not in the emulator.

When I use other URLs like https://www.youtube.com/, they are displayed fine both in the emulator and in the companion.

Sorry Mauricio, that doesn’t change the advice as outlined by Tim. The Emulator is there to quickly test portions of new code, things like that - Use the Companion for more detailed testing and an APK on as many devices as possible for final tests and trials before release.

There will probably be an enhanced emulator introduced in the future. You could, if you have to, try a third party emulator. A Google search will find them.