WebViewer click button: nothing happened

I create this simple app to open index.html file but when i click on the folder button to load a file nothing happened.
And it work fine in Chrome and Edge browsers for Android

Is this a limitation in the WebViewer?

Looks like you are trying every file path you know to load html files from the assets (media folder)

You load an html file from the assets (media folder) like this:


As you see in the image the html page loaded with icons normally,
the problem is when i click the button nothing happened

<input type="file" id="file-input" accept=".wexbim" onchange="checkAndLoad()">
<p id="file-name">File Name</p>

function checkAndLoad() {
    var file = document.getElementById("file-input").files[0];		
    document.getElementById('file-name').innerText = file.name;

OK, you were not clear about that, your screenshot could have been showing app components....

Try adding this extension: WebViewExtra

or share your index.html for others to test

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Thank you, now it works

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