WebViewer cannot display Node-Red dashboards

I'm building an IOT project, and I am trying to embed Node Red dashboards into my App Inventor app using the WebViewer component.

Unfortunately the screen stays white. If I try to access the same URL using the phone browser (Chrome) everything works.

I know that node red uses websockets, could it be the culprit?

I can activate remote access to my setup if anybody cares to give it a try.



Try to use this WebView instead of the built-in one.


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The issue is probably related to SSL certificate validation.
If you're running a Node-Red home server on Raspberry Pi etc, then you do not have a valid SSL unless you are mapping it on external network and manually adding a certification. Hence try using the customWebView as suggested by @Patryk_F and disable the SSL authentication requirement.

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Patrick_F and sarkar,
thanks for pointing me to customWebView, it worked like a charm!

My best wishes for a happy 2021...



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