WebViewer Blank Issue

Hello! First post here but i've been stuck on this one for a while. I've literally done everything in my power to debug this.

Let me start from the beginning: trying to make a mobile frontend for a digital program I made called "Chatter". For now, the actual code of chatter is written in PHP and hosted on glitch.me using some special code from a github repo. Anyway, in running the application it seems to work fine. However, certain circumstances (which I have yet to find a pattern in) will trigger the applet to go fully blank. I've tried restarting the app, minimizing my code, and everything under the sun. Please let me know if you have any fixes. I've attached the (.aia) file as well.
chatter.aia (97.0 KB)


Try this, I put it all on one screen. Works for me.

chatter_one_screen.aia (93.9 KB)

If the app is staying open, but the webviewer is going blank, most likely issue is network connectivity...

You may also want to look at reversing the display order of the chat, so that the last post is first...

yes, I was planning on that apologies
still in beta

thanks for the help - currently the issue never happens in-app. It happens when I close it and re-open it. I'll test this and let you know how it goes.


Not only did that completely work, but it was so stupidly simple!

I'm very grateful :smiley:

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