Webviewer about:blank

when I set Webviewer.HomeUrl, webviewer opens the given url but actually opens an about:blank page first and then the url, in fact, if I call Webviewer.cangoback command it tells me “true”. (followlinks=true)
I tried used Webviewer.GoToUrl but same problem, why does it work like this? it doesn’t make sense.
am I wrong something?

Is this with every url you try, or just a particular one ? If the latter, post it here for testing.

@Angelo_Valdora You might also want to include what version of Android you’re running and what device you’re using. Different versions of Android on different hardware sometimes have different browser implementations, and so there may be a difference depending on that.

I’ll also note that looking at the sources, in the WebViewer initializer, we do set HomeUrl to the empty string, in which case it may show the about:blank page.

It is an old app, for a long time I have this problem which I partially solved with the Clock_chk_title to intercept the page about:blank
I use Android10 on Huawei Mate20 Pro but other devices with Android 9 or 8 etc. they behave the same way.
The name of html chosen it is read by the DB as db_sceltapagina from another screen.
Now ewpatton has given me an idea, in the webviewer properties, the url is empty, maybe load the blank page first (empty property) and then the chosen one.


Maybe you're right, but I don't understand the sense of how webviewer works. If I need to set a variable url, then in the block editor I will give it GoHome command, why does it give itself when the url is empty?

No, same problem, also setting the url in designer edit’s properties :frowning:

Hi, files html are in asset path.
The html file is formatted correctly but before loading it, an about:blank page is loaded so that I don't have a single page open but 2


Further to some work on a project with a webviewer, I too am seeing this “blink” of a blank page before the loading of the intended page. I work with the webviewer a lot and this seems to be a new thing. it is evident in companion and compiled mode on Android 9.

My app is on Google Play. This problem was reported to me by a user (November 2016) that tapping the “back” button, the page remained white and the app seemed blocked, in reality it was enough to tap 2 times to exit white screen. I solved the problem by intercepting “title” about: blank but it is a solution that I don’t like.

  • sorry my english, Google translate helps me … :slight_smile:

p.s.:It looked like to be the passage of webviewer based on Chromium, but I could be wrong, several years have passed, however before that date everything worked well

is it possible to open webviewer by startactivity?

No, but you can make it visible…

If you are looking for a workaround for the about:blank, set the webviewer to not visible, load the page, the make visible with a clock timer (you may only need 250-500ms). Try this, see if it works for you

Thank TIMAI2
…I was already doing it :slight_smile: