Webviewer 1 not found

God day everyone, I'm working on the pizza party tutorial using Google sheets, When I try to download to the companion I receive a pop-up saying webviewer1 not found. I checked everything and all is as the instructions say. Any help is greatly appreciated.

We will need three things ...

  • The server you are using
  • A link to that tutorial
  • an export .aia of what you have so far.

The problem was out of date companion.
thsnjs for the help

Thanks for telling us the problem.
Usually we get much weirder error messages for that.

While I have your ear, why can't I use the build function on the test server with the Google sheets function, always says can't connect to the server.

You should probably check the Open Source category thread asking to test on that server. This sounds like an old question. You are building on sand, so be cautious.

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