Webview offline loading mode extension.

I have a website that I have created a web view app for it in app mit inventor but now I would like users to have acess to it even it they are offline.

I would like them to have some data saved in cache as they browse through such that they can have access to it even if they are not having internet access.

Could there be any extension that I can use?


If I remember correctly, the cached (previously viewed) pages should work while the app is open if the network is then lost, but not if the app is closed and re-opened.

Yes, you are right...

It can work when connection is lost but after closing and reopening, it won't work. I would like it to work even after closing and opening. Is there any posiblitity of its working that way?

There is a SaveArchive method in CustomWebView.

Thanks a lot for helping.

It is unfortunate that I am still new in this.

If possible, could you show me how i am going to arrange the blocks to make this work out.
Any help is appreciated

Set FileAccess() property to 'true'
wait for 'AfterArchiveSaved()' event to be fired

Thanks a lot