WebView Javascript Processor for App Inventor

Hello Everyone.

There seems to be a slight problem concerning the upload of a html-file as a media asset.
The file in question though uploading well enough aquires on its way up there an additional suffix(.txt) which renders it useless.

The app needs specifically an html-file as a media asset for javascript processing.

The question (as alwasy) is: is this a feature or is it a bug?

Please help.

Joerg Zahn

Please show how you are uploading your html file to your app, the extension should not change in most situations, there is always a workaround to change the filename to suit.

Well, i upload it as requested by the tutorial of the app, as a media file.

The problem is not the filename but its extension, which is required to be .html and not .html.txt (which is its condition after uploading it as media-asset in the AppInventor IDE)

The app makes use of the WebView control which uses the beforehand uploaded file. But the uploaded state of the file is unusable. (because of the appended .txt suffix)

Hope i can make myself clear and understandable enough.

Joerg Zahn

OK, if you are not going to tell me, I will guess

You are developing and you are uploading the html file as an asset to the media folder:


When you select the file to upload it is an html file (e.g. filename.html)
but when the file is loaded in your assets folder it has become (filename.txt or filename.html.txt)

Am I correct ?

I am almost too ashamed to report it, but the problem was an improperly configured windows on a new machine (i.e. Explorer View-Options --> invisible file-extensions).

Problem solved...

Thank you for your time.

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