Website webview and PHP form

Hello, everyone,
I'm asking for help.
I have a website and I make a mobile application for it. I have PHP form and I have a problem.
Picture 1 is my form and the buttons for adding files (in this case photos) do not work.

Pictures 2 and 3 show me what permissions my phone wants from google chrome. Other browsers also want storage. For me, the permits are not required properly.

In picture 4, when I click a button on my PHP form "Choose file", "Choose an action" appears, I need "Files". This part doesn't work for me.

Here are my blocks in the MIT App Inventor.

you need to use Custom Webview extension

Would you give an example. Some kind of link.
Because I don't see which blocks to use.

i have no demo,you can refer to here

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Maybe this example might help

thanks for the help