Website to app downloads doesn't work

i've convert my website in app but the links in the page doesn't work. I tap on but don't start. What can I check? thanks

Enable the "Follow Links" option for your WebViewer and you are done.

Its the first option under a WebViewer.

By the way, PS_WV is the name of my WebViewer.

Another thing,

If your website to app downloads dont work, you can use @vknow360 's CustomWebView extension.

There, specify the download directory in method onDownloadNeeded.

Call a notifier1.textMessage() to let the user enter the file name for the downloadable file if you wish.

I'm having some glitches to download blocks as png so I can't send you an image. Sorry.

Could @Anke or @vknow360 help him out with the image (And also help me out on my question @vknow360 pls).


What can do it? My site has pages with downloadable pdf and .docx.
I don't know how assemble blocks istruction in order to start download?
Thank you

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thank you very much. Could you be more cleart please? Because is my first project and I can't do it.

See here, and read everything!

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@Mio_Me Could you Click on Projects > Export selected project to my computer

And then upload it here by clicking on the upload option on the bottom left of the screen ?

Please tag me once u'r done doing what I said.

I'll then make the useful blocks and give a screenshot to you explaining everything I used in helping you.

Bye. :wave:

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Here is the aia.

Foglietti.aia (230.1 KB)

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Thank you so much!!!

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When I lunch the app on my phone, the url is loaded correctly but the app shows "Not Found" and/or "Net::ERR_FAILED" in the center of the screen.
What it could depend on?
Thank you

Could you send a video recording of it ?

I can't understand what you mean.

Edit :

Btw, I tested the direct download link that downloaded the apk file for the project.

Also, add a Screen1.AskForPermission(Permission Write External Storage) in the Screen1.Initialize Event.
I forgot to tell that before.

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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks,
I try to disable block

and I don't receive error message on load.
Download file works right but if I click on .pdf file where the link is open in new windows, file's download doesn't start. Do you know why?

Is it actually a downloadable .pdf file ?
Trying pasting that link in your browser and check if the file is being downloaded or not.

Edit : Please send the link here and I'd try out things.

This may be the reason.
I believe there's something to be done with the new window thing.

I think(not sure) there is an event for onNewWindowRequest

Try using that with call CustomWebView1.GoToURL(url)
I believe that if there was actually an event like that, it would contain a local variable of url.

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