Website Internal Error


I have a student in class who keeps getting internal errors when she's working on apps. It doesn't seem to make a difference if she starts from a template or from scratch. Sometimes things work fine for 5-15 minutes and then the error will occur. I've been teaching students with App Inventor for a few years now and I've never run into this problem. We've already tried basic troubleshooting like deleting cache and cookies.

Here's a video clip the student made that replicates the errors:

Any help is greatly appreciated,

I saw 7 open tabs on the browser, and a non-empty backpack.
A screen sharing app might also be eating up bandwidth.

To put the student on a diet:

  • empty the backpack to free up RAM
  • close unneeded tabs to free up browser RAM and CPU cycles
  • shut down whatever else might be eating up the student's internet bandwidth

Check for browser addons that might be slowing down the browser, like color theme changers.