Website About App Inventor Developers Wanted!

We, AICODE, are a website of 90+ apps, guides and extensions for App Inventor. Maintaining this needs help, so @Gordon_Lu and I have decided that our website is now publicly open for App Inventor enthusiasts to work in our website. We want 1 to 4 people (if more people apply, we will increase the amount) in the community to join our team and we need all of your help.

The deadline for applying is 2022-03-14T16:00:00Z.

If you are interested and have time, you are welcomed to apply.

All requirements:

  • Any age above 10 are allowed.

  • People from any country (or region) can participate.

No more specific requirements than that, but people who meet the below criteria are prioritized:

  • TL2+ (member or above) users to prove that you are an active member in the community, reading posts, know some of App Inventor and are trusted in our community.

  • Understand (at least a bit) of a programming language, e.g. Java.

What we do:

  • We would like to work together to make apps for App Inventor and make new tutorials to help users to learn App Inventor, especially newbies. The work is not specified, but we encourage you to make extensions, apps, tutorials, and discover snippets of App Inventor, since we need more content.

  • All of your work will be mentioned with your name and you will be a staff member of AICODE. We will have all of your contributions listed in our website, pinned just below the Home page.

You and AICODE

We respect each of our team members in AICODE. You are free to:

  • quit the job with a valid reason anytime, e.g. you are busy.

  • if you are busy or for other valid reasons (e.g. sick), you can stop working for a while. For all work, there will be no deadline, so you are free to complete it anytime.

How to apply:

Before you apply, make sure that you have enough time, and are self-willing to do this.

We want to work as a team, not a company. Since we are a non-profit website, we do not collect money from users, and the job is volunteered. When you apply for us, please make sure that you are volunteering. If you are interested, please send @Gordon_Lu a private message.

Thank you very much.


good luck with your goals and your team.


thank you.

we have now decided to shift the deadline to march 15. if you are interested, please apply now. thank you.