Web viewer timing?

I have been stuck on the following problem for several days:
I have a code to load and display a csv table with webviewer, it works without problem (picture1).
when I take the blocks to put them in my second application it no longer works (picture2). I haven’t changed anything.
is a timing issue? how to do?
small precision it works very well during development but not in apk
can you help me?

Thank you for your help.

Are getting the correct data coming through in your Web1.GotText (Texte recu) event (you should see this in the label?)

You may have to start removing blocks from your Screen1.Initialize (or move everything below the Web1.Get to the Web1.GotText block) until you find what is causing the problem ?

hello, thanks for your help.
I can not see what is in the label because it is on apk impossible to activate “do” !!.
on the other hand I disabled everything. I just left the bare minimum (see image).

Whereas with another code (image 1 of the previous message) it works in apk mode. Even copying this code = nothing
by changing the webviewer = nothing.

I advanced, on my problem.
I put a label on response content, I put a clock.
I have the information, so the webviewer is not doing his job?

I thought to take back my blocks to put them back on the version that works!
But how do we copy the design to the new version?

I think the 2366 blocks are doing a buggy version!