Web Viewer - Gsuite domain

Hello, I've easily used Web Viewer in order to show in the screen a web page like google home page. I tried also to set as Homeurl the link of a Google Site shared only with the Gsuite for Edu domain of my school... where I teach. It doesn't work. I though, one should be asked to login, but I recieve just an error. Is there a solution? Many thanks!!!!!

Try logging into your G Suite (now Google Workspace!) account in the webviewer, then try your "internal" google site. The webviewer should then remember your are logged in for subsequent visits (as long as you do not log out!)

Thanks so much for your reply, I am new in approaching to Mit App Inventor, probably it's my foult but I've tried tapping everywhere in the webviewer screen without being able to browse a different page from the first one showing 404 error. Of course if I set the google site "shared with everybody", the webviewer works fine!! So I believe I have to login in a different way. No login page is shown.... Sorry for being so horribly boring

Just go to a google page and there will be a sign in button or

Google Sign In Page