Web viewer display

hello, I’m on the dynamic table example.https://puravidaapps.com/table.php!
I understood the method.
if I want to do the same thing with a google sheet, don’t work I converted my sheet to csv, it loads but does not display?
something is missing, but i can’t find

You need to put your settings for and the call to the webviewer in the web1.GotText event block

web component call the csv
web component “got text”
set url (for the webviewer)
set webviewstring with responseContent in gotText
call webviewer with url / file from assets

I do not put anything in the initialization of the screen?

Yes, if that is what you want to do.

Screen1.Initialise to call the web component (get the google sheet csv)

yes I have my list in my label, but I do not have the display as in the example cited above

This works for me (using Companion):

displayHTMLTableFromGoogleSheetCSV.aia (23.9 KB)

thank you it works, my error is that I did not think that it was necessary to use the storage.