Web viewer crashes my app

I have configured webViewer to display news ticker inside an app that continiuesly running and after about 10 days the app crashes.
here is some code snipet:
on screen1.initialize I have set the home URL.
and I have created error intervention as seen in the second picture.
ScreenHunter_ 2024-02-15 13.4288

"JsonParse" is a log area I can access in the app.

any help will be appreciated.

10 days is a long time for continually running an app.

Possible causes:

  • Something filled up
  • You wore out your welcome at that web site
  • Memory leak

Search this site for FAQ Debugging then read the post on logcat.

WHen I disabled the webViewer it doesn't crash

Perhaps restart the app every couple of days (you can do this programmatically)

by App inventor?


Joining kevin, How can I do that through the app?

The alarmmanager extension offers a feature to autostart your app at a given time